About us…

Founded in 2005 by Mukesh Baidjnath Misier, a car repair shop (Speed Garage). The company started as a family business, serving the residents. In 2007, we grew bigger and began also with a body shop (Speed body shop) and in 2009 we started with the car rental (Speed Car Rental). Speed Car Rental is a very well known company operating independently. With 8 employees, we provide our visitors and local customers with the highest standards of quality service and strive to be consistent in every promise given to each customer. From 2019, the company changed its name to Speed Multi Corporation N.V., known as SPEEDY CAR RENTAL and operated by his son Ravi Baidjnath Misier.

Our mission is to provide our customers the best quality of services, competitive prices and strive to give our best performance every day.

Welcome to Speedy Car Rental!

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